Why Should My Store Start A E-Commerce Site


I have been told by customers I should have a online store. I have sold online before and found it to be a large pain in the butt. Why should I take this on.


What is it about selling online that was a pain in the butt?

As for good reasons why, here are my arguments:

  • A low-overhead way to expand your store’s regional reach
  • Ability to setup a “buy online,pickup in store” service that can compete with national etailers
  • More customer data is collected through an online order
  • It’s easier than ever to start one (I have some resources)
  • You can expand your store’s offering without buying into inventory.

If you’d like to setup a free strategy session (or anyone else reading this thread), I’d love to talk to you and bounce some ideas off of you. I think you’ll see that it can be easier than you think, but I’d also like to hear your experience.