Why does no one give a SH** about advocacy?


Is it just me or is it really hard to get people to care about advocacy? Are you seeing this in your shop and in your business community?

It’s as if they think someone else will take care of it for them.

Or am I jaded?

Are you amazed at the lack of "sh*t-my-pants’ level outrage?


This is a daily thing for us. We try to discuss it with all our customer’s and most only give a ■■■■ about the “cool factor” of the new mod etc. It’s really frustrating at times. No one believe’s that we can actually lose our rights. Our rights are being violated on so many levels it’s absolutely ludicrous.


This is one of the things we are trying to solve with VapeMentors: How do we give shop owners the tools they need to get advocacy at the forefront of their customer’s minds?

Being that we live in an attention economy, the key is to break it down into “why does this matter to me right now”. I have NO idea how to do that, but perhaps this “Neo”-Liberal meme will help. IDK. Maybe share this with your customers?


It’s true they don’t care, they say to me oh don’t worry that will never happen. Just give it time and they will see that it’s a good thing. Or so I will just make my own juice and build my own mods.
It’s very hard to get people to care about it. Most of time when you start talking about Advocacy they look at you like you have two heads.


We have CASAA brochure stands all over the place, and some will read them and then put them back and basically say they don’t want to get involved. Maybe 1 in 100 people who come through the door will do anything in advocacy and usually it will only be to go to one site and press a button for sending their name to the list of people sending a common email out. Most people don’t think that politicians actually read any of these things, so there time will be wasted. So we are fighting apathy towards politics, as well as the general notion that politicians really don’t listen to common people, only to whomever is putting the most money into the pot, so to speak (which politicians play one side against the other to see who comes up with the most).


Well we have go news here maybe. House Bill 1477 passed the House Finance Committee here in Pa. HB1477 will amend the 40% wholesale tax to .5 Cents a ML on juice. If it passes it could start a movement across the country.


Fantastic news Saturday everybody!