What platform is your website built on?


I’m curious because I’m a web tech and eCommerce expert and I can advise you on any problem you are having with your site or with online marketing.

  • Wordpress
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Big Commerce
  • Magento
  • Custom Coded
  • Other

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Have used Wix.com in the past.


Were you using Wix as an ecommerce store or just as a website? Why did you pick wix?


We did not use it as an e-commerce store though they have that possibility, as for why, it’s simplicity and cheapness.


I use ecwid. It was very easy to setup an ecommerce store


To be truthful, there are only a handful of options out there that will integrate, including stock levels in real-time, with a pos system,as well as integrate with an accounting system, and those systems tend to be expensive (shopify, live pos, revelsystems, vend, lightspeed, ncr silver).


Yes, and if they integrate with your B+M POS, they may not integrate with your merchant provider. for instance, Clover POS will accept CC at a B+M store, but you can’t use the same merchant processing for online, and you can’t use other merchant card accounts with Clover, so you’d be stuck with having to totally change your POS if you want to do a live-updating ecommerce site.


GREAT question and it seems that going forward web sites will be more robust and complicated than ever before.


We went cheap and easy with wordpress and woocommerce. Since our site is only juice it is easier to work with than having to track stock of all the hardware etc. I don’t envy you bigger companies having to deal with all that. integrates well with QB and there is a plug in for pretty much anything you need for a reasonable (most times) price.


Wordpress is the most flexible of the ecommerce platforms, but I would still recommend Shopify over all others.


why shopify? we looked into it in the beginning but needing a cheaper option when we started we chose wordpress. had a lot of issues along the way with merchant providers nto allowing vape related items etc but now we’re in deep enough I don’t think it be worth switching to shopify or anything else unless there were great reasons. interested in your thoughts on shopify though.


You are right about the merchant card services with Shopify, but there are service providers that can work with vape and Shopify.

As for why I recommend Shopify, it’s just a great plug and play ecom solution. Wordpress and woocommerce always seemed to give me fits if I didn’t have a dedicated woocom developer working on my store, whereas Shopify was up and running in no time.


I’ll knock on wood then haha. I’ve built the site myself from the ground up. I guess I’m lucky. It was a pain in the butt initially as I had never worked with word press and my experience was html and php nuke back in the day. Once I got the hang of it things went better. still the occasional hiccup though.


Well that explains a lot. I’m a Wordpress developer like Donald Trump is a poet… I should not be trusted with the functions.php file!


lmao. ya that file can mess up a lot of things. i know, I’ve seen me do it ha!