What is the single most important metric to track in your shop?


What is the single most important metric that you track in your shop? If I missed one, select other and let me know in the reply.

  • Gross Margin
  • Stock Turn
  • Sales Per Hour
  • Conversion rate
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Average order value
  • Other

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What customers ask for us to carry. This helps greatly in customer lifetime value.


Thanks! Do you just have it in a spreadsheet tracker?


We go old school :joy: write it down. We set up in a small town for the locals
so it’s pretty simple if Sally keeps asking for a specific coil we order it
in rather than selling her a tank we carry coils for etc. Seems to be
paying off quite well establishing a loyal customer.


Imagine that. Give the customers what they want, and they reward you with a purchase.


I know right? Super easy. It’s a shame j see a lot of shops try to make a
bigger sale rather than just ordering what they need to convert a maybe
customer into a committed and loyal one.


Do you find yourself having to deal with a lot of different suppliers?


Unfortunately yes. It’s difficult to find a one stop shop in the states that has a solid return policy and the right pricing. We do our best to order state side as well so that’s part of it.


Conversion rate is critical, it points to the effectiveness of your staff. Your Sales per Hour says a lot about your marketing.


Its hard because the metric will change based on your need. When the shop is was slow I focused on transactions per day when the shop was busy I focused on hardware turnover and carried what was moving the most. Focusing on gross product margin with nobody walking through the door is a bad idea.

Assuming the store is busy I would want to see what is moving. Many times I was about to cut a product because I thought it was not popular only to find out its been a very quiet stable mover.


Great lesson here: you almost made a gut move that was refuted by numbers. Trust your gut, verify with numbers.