What is the best mix of hardware to keep in a vape shop?


Product selection is key, but keeping up with demand is difficult. While there is no perfect solution to keep everything stocked while also pleasing all your customers, there are some guidelines you can follow.

  1. Split your customers into groups
    There are three main groups of customers at any vape shop: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced (I know, nothing ground-breaking here)
  2. Each customer group has different needs. Beginners want an easy experience. Intermediate users want to explore vaping a little deeper. Advanced users what huge clouds.
  3. Buy for each customer group. Beginner setups are cheap and have a low retail price point. Intermediate are slightly more expensive (around $100 or less) and have more features. Advanced units are basically $100+.

Blake Brown from GuideToVaping.com wrote a great article for our blog about keeping your vape shop stocked up to please all these customer groups. Here it is for your reference.

What are your thoughts on keeping your vape shop stocked up?



Most of the people who come into the shop in the beginner category have actually already tried something from a convenience store, flea market, or mall booth and are coming in for a replacement. They usually want something more reliable than what they had before (often having had an ego or istick like product) but want it to be just as simple. They also want something that they can find the replacement parts for in more than just your location (standardized or widely distributed).


Great insight here and it reminds me of myself when I first started vaping.


Two pieces of satisfying hardware I promise will get your newbies coming back.

Mini Nautilus 1 and eleaf 30 watt.

Why? Easy to use. The eleaf can be locked to a wattage by a store employee doesnt have all the temp control nonsense. . The mini nautilus works great and almost never leaks the coils are cheap. No charger needed and charges via USB. And here is the best part RELIABLE. You new customer will trust you and you will sell them coils, juice and sometimes replacement glass for the next year to come!