Welcome to the VapeMentors Community


There are many vape forums out there, but none that focus completely on business strategy. Vape shop owners, e-liquid companies and ecommerce sites need a place to share ideas and talk about the vape business in a professional manner among other business owners. The VapeMentors community is a business-only forum built to serve the dedicated vapreneur.
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You’re in the right place if:

  • You own a vape business or are looking to start one
  • You need coaching and advice from other business owners
  • You are a kind, respectful business owner that likes to share success stories
  • You will follow our community guidelines because you are a good person
  • You promise to share
  • You are not using this forum to generate leads for your business

You should look elsewhere if:

  • You are looking for advice on throat hit
  • You don’t know which battery to use in your mod
  • You are trying to sell your services to our members