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Hi all, I’m rebuilding our site on a new platform (from wordpress to shopify). Anyway, I need to get a new merchant account because of what the gateways will support. My last merchant servicer didn’t ask nearly as many questions. But this one requires quite a few things (listed below). The one I’m looking for help with is their request for a “Legal Compliance Verification Letter”, a written opinion from independent, reputable, and qualified legal counsel or accreditation by a recognized third party to ensure the business practices have been reviewed and complies fully with all laws applicable to your business type.

I’m wondering if any of you have ever been requested for one of these and what you did?

Here’s the other list of requirements:

  • Shipping policy: - Adult signature must be required on delivery
  • Age verification
  • Nicotine warning
  • Identify the country where charges will take place on the checkout
  • SSL checkout
  • Refund policy
  • Full contact information including phone #, email adress, and city state and postal code.

They also charge me $500/year on top of the normal fees.

I’ve tried looking for other merchant servicer companies, but have a problem with what gateways are available thru Shopify.


Hey @barland

Yes, it’s true that the merchant processing industry is beginning to put a lot of restricting policies on their vape accounts. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a reality.

We have a resource that can give you a legal opinion letter, and we also have a merchant partner that will look over the current agreement and give you an honest opinion. He’s a great guy to work with.

@patrickmcginty - please see what you can do to help.

How far along are you in the Shopify transition? I’d be happy to get on a call with you to discuss if you need any assistance.


Just putting the finishing touches on it. Doing the customizable e-Liquid menu was by far the most cumbersome.


@JesseVapeMentors, I would be interested in getting in contact with your resource for the legal opinion letter as well as your merchant partner. My email is Thank you!


I just sent you an email and copied our partner Azim. He’s in the middle of a big seminar right now but will get back to you when he can. If you don’t hear from him by Friday, we’ll follow up again.


Getting a merchant account is the easy part. keeping it open long term… is the real challenge.
We specialize in keeping High risk (Vape, Cannabis) stores processing long term.

If you email your latest Merchant Statement to plus your contact info we will reach out to you and discuss what options are available.