Want to start a vape shop, I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING!


whats up guys. i’m new to this whole thing but not to vaping. i thought it would be a good idea to start a vape shop in my city, seeing how we don’t have one here, but i need some help. can anyone help me with knowledge on how to start,
start up and investors, cost and overall business know-how? every little bit counts :slight_smile: THANKS!!!


Thanks for posting in this community. You’ve found the right place to ask this question, and I hope this becomes the default topic on the subject.

First, I trust you’ve read all our articles on the subject. They are the best places to start. Here they are for your reference (and everyone else):

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Our best resource and guidance on opening a vape shop from startup is our Vape Shop Master Class, available for $197.

Vape Shop Master Class

Know this: it can take months, and your success won’t be other’s success. Your failures won’t be others’ failures.


Let me ask you something. What city are you proposing to put this shop?

Do you have a budget in mind yet?

There are a lot of things people can help you with but it would help to know the basics.


Thanks man it’s great to be here!
I do have some saving to go to the funding of the shop but
I have no problem with saying I don’t have enough yet.
Also I have no idea how much it would take to stock the shop. All I know is the location I’d go with, and how I’d make the shop special and inviting. Btw the location is in the Piscataway area here in north jersey.


I counted 10 shops that sell vapes ringing around Piscataway Township on Yelp, but none actually in the heart of it. Still, the others look close enough to be competition. I also wonder why none of them are right there…is there some kind of ordinance or licensing issue there ? Also, not too far away, a store from a big chain of vape stores is there (MadVapes) and it makes me wonder why they chose to put there store where they did and not on I-287 ? If your thinking about being near the interstate, are you easy access from it ? Will you be able to advertise on billboards on the Interstate to draw them in ?


Usually billboards are OK. As for why MadVapes chose that location, it would be wise to find out why. Perhaps you can do some stealth research and ask an employee next time you visit.

As for the ordinance, check out MuniCode for your area. That will tell you if there are any ordinances that are keeping vape shops out of that area. It also may be the landlords there. If they aren’t friendly to vaping then it doesn’t matter what the ordinances say.

Download our “how to pick a brick and mortar location” if you have not already. It has some other tools to determine why they picked the location they did. Perhaps the demographics in that area (i.e. population, income, etc…) did not jive with their business model. This means that if you can create a brand that appeals the demographic, and find a vape friendly landlord, you could open a shop there.

Hope this helps.