Vaping cannabis


Vaping is now an alternative to smoking. Many also say that it is safer and more healthier. Then can I also say that vaping cannabis can also be use as alternative way medically? I’ve been vaping for almost 3 years now and haven’t had a cigarette since then. Gain some weight, breath more easily. But I haven’t tried this liquid marijuana, would it be just as effective as smoking it?


Vaping cannabis is the future brother a small open pod system some hash oil and a thinning agent. Super stealth super potent i have averaged the mgs per ml on a 1ml cartridge i am using about 40mg per day the equavalient of two joints and i am feeling prety good all day. I used to be a pretty heavy marijuana user. I dont think what i am doing is microdosing but it is close. Cbd is also great in a open pod system.