Tips for online vape store?


Hello! My name is Evan Smith. After graduating high school I have realized that the vape market is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Recently began to be interested in opening an online store for e cigarettes and e juice. I have been looking everywhere trying to find any tips or information to help me through my journey. I really wanted to ask online business owners on any helpful information to help me make the best store I can. I have recently been looking into how to get my website up and running and the legal issues that comes with the vape niche. Any thoughts would be very appreciated!


Evan, you have found the right place. We have worked with over 40 businesses worldwide since we started in 2013. We have lots or free information, online courses and one on one mentoring. We also have Facebook pages and monthly masterminds, so please join us.

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Thanks so much Evan! I recommend joining our Facebook group and rubbing elbow with people there.

We also have a great article coming out very soon that walks you soup to nuts on opening an ecommerce store.

It’s a little hard to answer anything in this forum since there’s so much.

If you don’t have a lot of money to start, there are plenty of ways to participate in the vape industry without starting your own business. Things like social media influencers and reviewers.

I will say that if you are under 21, you might have a problem simply because some brands may not want to associate with younger people since there is so much stigma with that type of relationship in the vape industry.


Thank you for replying so quickly! I am very happy people like you are here to help us out! I am starting on a very low budget because of my age and where I am at but I have saved up about $3,000 to work with. I was thinking about dropshipping vapes then maybe moving up to wholesale in the future depending on how it goes. I also have opened an Instagram account which has gotten over 6,000 followers so hopefully I can do something with that :joy: Ijust need to get as much information as possible which your website has helped me out a lot with. My Business license just came in so hopefully I can get some work done :slight_smile: thank you guys


Hey Evan,

Would like to hear how your new business is coming along. Starting up is the hardest part!