The Unicorn Milk scandal - ammunition for crony politicians


You’ve all heard the story by now. “9-Year Old Drinks E-Liquid and Goes To The Hospital”

What do you think? Is this the parent’s fault, the shop owners, the juice owner or the government?

IMO this is the parent’s fault first, then the juice brand owner.

I mean no disrespect to the juice brand owner. I know that you are not marketing to children on purpose, but this is hopefully a wake up call to everyone. Perhaps there is something to be said about these colors and names.

What do you think? Is this going to be solved by government intervention or responsible citizenship and business practices? (I think it’s the latter).

My main worry is that they will listen to this woman’s request and ban “odours” that attract children. Well guess what, they attract ADULTS too!!! The flavoring is not the problem, but opportunistic crony politicians will make it as such. SMH.


This is a great example of someone being on the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ll be writing a blog post for VAPE on the situation. No winner here, folks…


Agreed. I too agree the fault lays in that order.

Here is my rant on this subject, -

1st. Parents need to take responsibility and teach their offspring not to eat things they find out in the street, or on the playground or the local parking lot…

The simple lack of parenting and or common sense is not the fault of the Juice Maker, even if the label has CANDY CANE UNICORN RAINBOW POOP written all over it.

last time I checked " If you find it on the ground - don’t put it in your mouth…" was right up there with “Don’t talk to strangers”, and “Look both ways before crossing the street…”

That child could have just as easy found a Happy Face baggie with some crack rock in it or a fentanyl lolipop and that mom would have had a much worse day, and have no one to blame shift onto…

The Real Story here is that she failed to teach her kids to not put things in there mouth that they find on the street!

no matter what you find, be it Unicorn Milk that looks tastes like candy, or actual Candy that’s meant for cancer patients or just some Dirty toy because lets face it there are MUCH WORSE things to find out there then that strawberry e-liquid. Hell, Just licking a light pool these days may give you MRSA…

However, that said I do also feel that as an industry, we have to make clear that these are adult only use products, and that all products have tamper evident / child safe caps and warning statements.

The Big Battle here is with Crony Politicians and Big Business interests that buy and control the media hype that launches these kind of negative spin stories into orbit, and further creates an opportunity and narrative for the negative exploitation of our industry to further a disinformation / misinformation corporate agenda.

I personally don’t agree with the cartoon characters, but i don’t think they should be banned either.

Bans, abhorrent regulations and government overreach into personal choice ALL create black markets.

Education and proper parenting solves all issues.

Flavors are universal… They are not just for children… I am 34 and I Love Cereal Vapes!

Do not be fooled, if these Vape Protestors cared half as much about public health and child safety as they claim to, they would first focus on the real issues in our world and clean up our water, food and air supplies from the daily toxic contamination that is slowly choking out humanity.

then they would get behind Vapor Products with a sensible regulatory arrangement that would separate Vape Products from tobacco products and both, help the public keep access to the vivid array of consumer goods currently available and help ensure the safe manufacture of these products without government over reach and over regulation and actually help Save a Billion Lives this decade rather than misinform and mislead to keep the perpetual spin cycle churning.

Again, Education and Proper Parenting Solves All Issues.

Bans of any kind are not the answer.


Spot on. I’m just going to copy and paste this into every FB rant I see out there. :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Just as a point of reference:

Essential oils are sold in similar bottles and are WAY more harmful if swallowed by children. The parents need to take responsibility.


Hahahaha! These soccer moms that are attacking this story on HuffPost would :poop: their :jeans: if they saw this article!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

What?! My oil of oregano is TOXIC? hehehe.

Funny, but also not funny…

Great find. I’m happy to have learned this today.