The best way to check ID's in your vape shop


Checking ID"s is a pain in the a** but it’s absolutely necessary that you do it, and start doing it ASAP if you are not.

VapeMentors looked at the best way to check ID’s in your shop and found a great tool that we think is pretty revolutionary.

it’s call the Bar and Club Stats app. It works on any iPhone or Android and it is currently being used in Bars and Clubs (duh!) to check Id’s.

What makes it a good tool is that it will scan any state or government ID, then query the local database to verify that the ID is legitimate.

What makes it a GREAT tool is that it records all the information for marketing use later…

Who, when, where they live, how old they are, etc…

Anything that is kept on a drivers license can also be used for marketing, and this tool will help you capture all that without being too annoying by asking for it when you transact.

Here is a great article from our blog if you’d like to learn more.