Suggestion for Integrated POS & Accounting System


Is there a service out there that integrates POS with accounting software like quick books?

My goal is to report sales, returns and inventory data to quick books by end of the day, so profit and loss statements are up to date daily.


[quote=“512VapeL, post:1, topic:290”]
[/quote] There are several POS systems out there that will do this that are worth looking at for vape store use, some will do it natively, while others do it through 3rd party integrations. Be aware that with some 3rd party integrations that you are paying for both the integration service (sometimes several times with omnichannel sales) and for the QuickBooks…alternatively, there are some POS systems that will integrate with perhaps less costly accounting software or with in-house accounting software.


Among those I recommend are :
Lightspeed :
Vend :
Revel Systems:
and for a shop or several, that plans to use a separate system for online sales from in-store sales (there are pluses and minuses to doing that) and who doesn’t mind using something other than QuickBooks for accounting, I recommend Smartwerks (over ShopKeep) POS :
And if your vape shop is relatively light in SKU’s , and your accountant just has to have QB, ShopKeep POS is good to work with (though you will probably wind up paying more for it than Smartwerks):


@Lord i really appreciate you taking the time to provide information. What would you say is the reasonable monthly cost a business owner should pay for these? I get different prices from vendors and to benchmark i am also considering the pain points that other customers might have. My accountants are set with quick books :slight_smile: however change is good if done in house.


@Lord - I checked out SmartWerks their product seems to be doing what i was looking for however they are not responsive and seems like payment processing fee structures are not transparent due to payment gateway partnerships. What payment processing they use? What % should be reasonable to pay?


Standard industry rates…currently, I think ShopKeep’s processors are charging 2% to vape shops.


Innevape in Florida uses them, last that I knew, so they may be able to give some insight into them. They use EST for hours. If you continue to have problems reaching them, I will inquire.