Starting an eliquid company


Hey guys i am still in the fetus stages of this but im pretty sure that my flavouring technique is going to change the game. I will be getting samples soon so i can see if this is going to be worth it or not. Just looking for any advice from anyone. A big question that I have is what do premium juice companies charge a shop per bottle? Thanks in advance.


60ml - $5 to $7
100ml and 120ml - $7 to $10 ($10 would have to be premium and have an active following)

Hope this helps.


Thank you very helpful


I should be a little more specific though I will ve attempting to sell 30ml bottles of nic salt


Thank you very helpful I just realized I should have been a little more specific. it will be 30ml bottle of nic salt


Roughly the same price as 60ml traditional.


Im going to have to disagree unless you can tell me where you are buying your nic salt. 1l of free base is like 25ish cad for me nic salt 1l is around 70.


You asked what juice manufacturers charge to shops per bottle. I never buy from a wholesale company and deal direct with the manufacturer, do a little negotiating, and yes, that’s what I pay.

A wholesaler charges $8 to $9 for a 30ml bottle of salts. So dealing direct with the manufacturer allows for better pricing.


Were these all developed before 8-8-2016? Did you register them last year per the FDA Deeming regs?


I apreciate the info but in your first comment you said 5-7 60mls and salts were the same price thats why i disagreed you just said 8-9 a 30ml big difference.


I am sorry i re-read your post and i see that a wholesaler would well for that. And you pay about that direct from manufactuer.


As you probably know, there are plenty of gamblers out there that think the regs will be overturned eventually, and if not, they will simply sell their stuff bootleg. Also, there are those who have been developing ‘synthetic’ nicotine that isn’t dependent on tobacco and which may at some time in the future, be contestable in court as to whether the FDA has jurisdiction over it or not.


Hi everyone! I started making my own e liquids and sell them to my freinds. I can choose whatever concentration I like. Earlier I bought them at VapingDaily but now I make money on my own. Maybe I should start making business??