Starting a new venture


I am trying to develop a set of fresh organic vape flavors, with an intention to develop it further into an enterprise. The problem that I facing today, is the lack of technical know-how, in order to develop these flavors, all the R&D that I perform at the moment is based on self taught YouTube videos and online materials and most importantly trial and error technique. So what I do is, buy vape flavors from different companies, try it out, whichever flavor I find interesting, I would try to replicate the same. My intention is not to copy their products, but to learn the process of making flavors. I want to introduce organic fruity flavors, that actually taste like real fruit. Ones during my browsing, I stumbled upon aliquid e-juice wholesaler in Ontario, who, services include product development, labeling, packing and delivery of products. I am thinking about using their services, in my product creation, but my concern is, I need to protect my self from all sort of infringements. Guys, I need your help.