Run from reality


I smoke weed to flesh out reality, not to make a break. I don’t use cannabis because I hate my job or my life. I don’t smoke weed because I can’t pay my bills. I definitely don’t smoke weed to avoid working on my relationship. As a matter of fact, cannabis has done a lot to help my relationship. I am depressed about the state of the world and Donald Trump being the president, but smoking weed doesn’t help me escape those facts. It does make those things easier to process, but I don’t forget them. In fact, this is one of the sources of my weeds I smoke weed because I’m bipolar and I have a social anxiety disorder, and it helps me deal with it without taking pills. I smoke weed because it helps make me a better person.


I have recognized reality as a kid. I don’t hate my job or my life. I pay all my bills. My relationships or amazing. Thank God Donald Trump is the president because the alternative would have been terrible - but I would have handled it the same either way. It affects my life only to the extent that I enjoy a robust economy. I am a better person for a lot of reason, taking pills or smoking pot doesn’t affect that one way or another.

I have no issues with others smoking pot. But when they post things like this in a forum called “VAPE SHOP OWNERS”, I have to wonder.