More proof that iVapeiVote is working, and more BS platitudes from anti-vape "activists"


Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin sent a letter to the new FDA commissioner asking for a complete removal of the regs on vaping.

“As you begin your tenure as commissioner of the FDA, I respectfully urge you to review the FDA’s e-cigarette regulation so that the industry can continue to innovate and offer vapors [as] an alternative to smoking,”

Not surprisingly, a group of out-of-touch “activists” called “Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids” is opposing the motion and using the traditional BS platitudes and false equivalencies.

From their press release:

“85.3 percent of current e-cigarettes users aged 12-17 had used a flavored e-cigarette in the past month and 81.5 percent of current youth e-cigarette users said they used the products “because they come in flavors I like.” Similarly, 71.7 percent of current cigar smokers aged 12-17 had used a flavored cigar product in the last month, and 73.8 percent of current youth cigar smokers said they smoked cigars “because they come in flavors I like.”

  1. WTF do cigars have to do with e-cigarettes? (false equivalency)
  2. 100% of ADULTS that use ecigs for smoking cessation use juice because they come in “flavors they like”, so what the F is the difference? (BS platitudes)