Marketing Your Website / eCommerce Shop: What's Working, What To Abandon


Hey everyone. Use this thread for sharing your top marketing tricks, or ask ANY question you have about marketing your website, whether it’s ecommerce or just your B & M website.

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Merchant Processing (Accepting Credit Card Payments) for Online Vape Shops/e-Liquid Brands

My husband and I started our vape business last April. With our old website through WIX, we did roughly $600 in sales May before getting shut down by PayPal, Square and Stripe. We moved our entire e-commerce site to Big Commerce where we work with World Pay for our merchant/gateway services. We’re getting about 15 new visitors to our site per day now, but no sales in two months. As you know, we can’t advertise on social media or through Google. I don’t understand how we had sales begin to trickle in with WIX and now nothing through Big Commerce. I’ve tested the payment gateway twice and it’s working fine.

I’m at my wits end here trying to turn window shoppers into customers. I have free shipping, BOGO batteries, etc. and still no buyers. Any, and I mean ANY suggestions would be helpful. Please, please help. I need a new set of eyes on this. I’m feeling stuck. Thanks.


Please share your URL.

How are your google rankings? Perhaps the switch from Wix changed your on-page SEO and hurt your rankings.


Hi Jesse. When we had WIX, we didn’t take advantage of the SEOs for each individual product like we are currently doing on Big Commerce. I would think that more SEO integration now would equal more sales but I seem to be wrong. I don’t know how to check our Google Rankings. Can you explain what that entails?


Easiest was is to google the keywords that you hope to rank for and see where you pop up. You can also sign up for a rank ranger account or use MOZ SEO tools.

Are you blogging or creating any kind of content at all? Instagram? Youtube?


I have a small YouTube following, right under 100 subs, and I plan on starting a blog on my website that just recaps my YouTube vape hardware reviews. I’ve been working on Google Search Console all day, and my traffic actually doubled today! Still waiting on sales, though. I will check out Moz this weekend. Thanks Jesse.


So what are you going to blog about?


I thought about blogging a quick summary of each one of my YouTube videos. Maybe I’d throw in some relevant info on the FDA, vape studies, etc.


That’s a great way to go. Here’s what I’ve learned about content creation after doing it for 3 years for VapeMentors.

  1. Stick to the type of content you are best at creating
    If video is your jam, do it, and do it consistently. If you love to write, do it and write every day. Consistency is better than quality when you are just starting out. I will say that video is, in my opinion, the best place to start because of a process I will share in this post.

  2. Get help with the things you hate
    I really don’t like to write, so I have hired a service called Scripted to write all our blog posts. I give them direction and edit them for content, but they do the bulk of the work. If you hate video, but another employee loves it or can work the camera and do the edit, have them do it while you just be the talent on screen. Bottom line: get help.

  3. Have personality
    Your story and your brand are yours and yours alone. People come to your shop and your site because they connect with you. Don’t discount that. Add your character to all your content.

  4. Consistency is king (but really hard without a process)

  5. Listen to what your customers want to know about and deliver it to them.

  6. Deliver it in different formats
    Video, audio, text, images and social posts. The more formats the better.

  7. Post it EVERYWHERE.
    Twitter, Instagram, your bog, Send an article to the newspaper, Youtube, Facebook. Don’t make the mistake of only posting to one format.

  8. Don’t let this huge list stop you.
    I may contradict myself here, but if you can’t do all of these, do just one of them. Done is better than perfect.

So how do you produce content consistently across multiple platforms?

Here is an example process.

  1. Create a short video every morning.
    Maybe do a Facebook live or Instagram live. Make it short, valuable and sweet. It could be valuable advice or it could just be a personal, fun update. It literally doesn’t matter. This is called a “Seinfeld Series”. That show was literally about nothing, yet it was the most popular show ever. Do this in your content. Give them personal, entertaining updates. Pepper in some product reviews, advocacy, promotions, events, whatever, but if you don’t have any of those, just post ANYTHING!. Your funniest joke, a movie you saw. You get it. Anything at all works.

  2. Transcribe the video into text
    You can use a transcription service like, or you can have an employee do this for you or a virtual assistant.

  3. Break up the transcription into facebook posts, multiple tweets and blog posts.
    Use the content you already created to make other content. This is how you batch process content creation and post it in multiple places.

  4. Post the video on Youtube with proper tags and keywords
    Checkout Ryan Hall. He is a vape shop owner with over 120,000 subscribers. He does this. Granted he is an excellent video producer, but don’t let this stop you. You can do this with an iPhone and iMovie.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have questions.


Here is a quick video on how to use Instagram to market your website. This works for sops or for ecommerce sites. Doesn’t matter.