Marketing Your Vape Shop: What's Working, What To Abandon


Hey everyone. Use this thread for sharing your top marketing tricks, or ask ANY question you have about marketing your vape shop.

We’re always getting questions on the topic so I thought why not make a thread?

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Merchant Processing (Accepting Credit Card Payments) for Online Vape Shops/e-Liquid Brands

Get on every map you can…particularly ones that clients use to find places they want to visit…especially ones that are on mobile devices/phones (make sure to correct the positioning of your business on the map if it isn’t correct) .

In contrast, don’t bother with every phone directory service that comes along…stick to the yellow and white pages of the Real Yellow Pages, and the yellow/white pages that are distributed by your phone company, not the additional ones.

Also, you don’t have to go to each and every social media that is out there…save some time and make your posting on Google + and then select all of the available other social media outlets that link to it. It will help your ranking as well.


Great advice @Lord . I have a video that touches on that as well.


Here is my best advice on Instagram marketing as well. This works for vape shops or any vape brand.


Fivestars used to work great but they have changed things so much its not worth the money. They really stopped listening to the shops who pay for the service and started listening to the customers who earn points. That is a bad recipe. The shops pay for the marketing if it works I keep paying if not I stop. If you go to their facebook page you see a bunch of 1 star reviews with complaints from business owners. Five-stars marketing simply does not work now.

Imagine if you asked your customers what kind of commercial they want to see, they would say “no commercials” you cannot get metrics that way. You need to test the water and find what works and what does not and measure. Going up to someone and saying “how can I get you into my business” they will reply “give me free stuff” if you are a shop with fivestars you may want to look into what they changed.


You can try influencer marketing. Target top 20 influencers on YouTube and Vape Tube about vaping and ask them about products reviews. It might help. I am also going to try it for my clients website - Online E Cigarette Store in USA