Madrid may be a gold mine for vaping growth


Hey everyone. I was just in Spain and England on vacation (lucky me!) and I interviewed a shop owner in Madrid.

What struck me about Spain (and Eurpoe in general) is that a LOT of people smoke, and there are TONS of tobacco shops, but hardly any vaping. I also wrote about this in another post about London.

What’s shocking is you still see all the anti-tobacco imagery on the cigarette packs just like in the U.S., and people do generally know it’s bad, but they still aren’t quitting.

I guess you have to give people options rather than just shaming them for an activity.

Wanting to know more, I ended up finding a vape shop in Madrid and talked to one of the employees. There is a link to the video below, but here are the highlights:

  • People hate the taste and nasty side effects of smoking in Europe just like the U.S.
  • People want an alternative but are not aware of Vaping as a cessation device
  • Many people are still unaware of vaping but are receptive to it once they talk with a vaper and understand what it is
  • It’s normal for people to start smoking at a very young age in Europe.
  • they are getting a lot of BS propaganda about vaping as well
  • People in Madrid like tobacco flavors when they are transitioning to vaping
  • there isn’t a huge Mod-ing culture like there is here. People just want a simple vape device.
  • there aren’t a ton of suppliers so there is still a lot of opportunity for a healthy distro business
  • high quality juice is hard to find

here is my full wrap up and interview with a local vape shop employee.