Lost Art vs FDA


Hi all, as you may or may not know, Lost Art Liquids currently has a lawsuit challenging the FDA’s deeming regs. It has been over 1 year since we filed in California.The FDA has asked for continuances in our case so that they can evaluate the new administration’s stance on the FDA’s deeming rules.

I do have more information to share and I would love to get some vape show owners, e liquid company owners, hardware company owners, and even bottle and flavoring vendors on a conference call with myself and our legal team to discuss the case if anyone is interested in learning more about what we are trying to accomplish. We have had some movement in our case, and while I would love to post about it here, it would be better to get everyone on a private call.

To read the suit in its entirety: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0743/0327/files/Lost-Art-Lawsuit.pdf?15196720680143068969

Thanks! and if anyone would like to discuss, please email me at ryan@lostartliquids.com.
Happy Friday!


Thanks so much for the invite! Norm and I will be there for sure, and I’ll bring some friends.


Great! Tell Norm Ryan says hi!


Hey Norm! Yes, Id love to jump on a call with you guys soon to give some updates.


Hey Ryan, thanks for sharing! Hope you are prevailing in this case.



@lostartliquids Hey can we schedule a public webinar on this topic?