Looking for some products, hoping some people can help!


I own a store and I was looking to buy some products and some suggestions.

First I need juul, anyone have a reliable supplier?

Second, I am looking to get away from mechanical tube mods and bring in squonk mods. Any suggestions?



Thanks so much for reaching out to the group. I’ll reach out to our contacts to see if anyone can help.


Hey Matt,

I just talked to Thomas Kelly, our sales rep from Pax Labs. The Juul is on back order, but they’re taking order information for their next round of shipments. You can contact them here: https://www.juulvapor.com/retail/wholesale

Also, we just got in a shipment of Stomp Boxes from Custom Creations. They’re reasonably priced, custom 3D printed, single 18650 squonk mods. You can contact them here: https://squareup.com/store/STOMPSQUAD If you do decide to place an order, tell Seth that Craig from Arcus Vapors referred you. I hope this helps. Cheers!

Arcus Vapors


Hello Craig,

Thanks for the response, yea I placed my juul order like 2 months and still waiting. Was hoping to pick up something in the meantime before I get my order.

Thanks for the suggestion on the Stomp, looking into them as we speak!



If you don’t mind, I would HIGHLY suggest getting online with Demand Vape and browsing their site. They have some phenominal pricing and you get some great ideas as to what is out there because they carry almost everything new and popular in the market right now. :nerd:

Best of luck!

Melanie Buchanan, CPhT, Owner
EveryBuddyVapes, LLC


Hey Matt,

You’re welcome! Demand for the Juul has just exploded in the last few months. They’ve actually halted production on the devices, so they can catch up with the demand for the pods. It’s unfortunate you’ve been waiting so long for your order. I would consider contacting your sales rep and “remind” him/her how long you’ve been waiting and see what their timetable for shipment is. There are other options for “stealth” vapes, but none of them have the following that the Juul does.

You’re welcome. Awesome! I hope it works out.



I am on the same waiting list for the JUUL Products. I’m not completely sure I should be bothering with them at this point. I don’t think the JUUL is much, or any better than some of the other options out there.

JUUL is only in high demand because they sold many starter kits but were never prepared to support them (certainly not for Vapor Shops). I will stay on the list and make the initial purchase but if they do not move quickly, I will remember the trouble it took to get them and jump ship to another product that can keep up with production.

We have been carrying squonk mods for some time and they do well. However, there is a shortage of good 2 battery mods on the market. Single battery, 75 watt devices simply do not do well because of the short battery life.


@VintageVaporsNY Juul got back to me, my order placed 2 months is still about a month to three months out. We did bring in the Bo vaping device. It has gotten very popular out here on Long Island and at least at my store it has completely surpassed the Juul in sales. If you don’t have it I highly recommend it. I can set you up with a local distro places too if you want to bring it in.

2 battery devices- Smok or Sigelei


Hey Matt, Thanks for that.
We ordered all of the devices currently on the market last week to test them and see which one works the best. BO seems to be one others are talking about. I will let you know how the test goes.

My two battery device comment was for squonk boxes. I just don’t see a lot of options out there except for the Kanger Drip and I don’t really consider that to be all that good (many failures, slow ramp up).

How is the flavor on the BO Device?


Oh ok misread that…sorry. Yea I havent found a good 2 battery device either, but asking customers what they want, alot of our customers were asking for mechanical and small squonk devices, so I really never looked into those yet.

On the Bo the kiwi and jelly are awesome. Mango should be out very soon and we are getting calls everyday for it, so demand is high. If you ever want I can have someone come down this weekend to your store and they can show the bo and they have a tester unit that you try out!



So happy to see you connect here. Love it!


I highly recommend that Von Erl pod systems! We have a good following for the product and haven’t had any returns yet.

Regarding the squonkers… I love them and have been working with Shaun of Simplicity Mods. He does some great 3d printed boxes in a number of styles from basic mechs all the way up to DNA250’s. He is selling some with the new DNA75C that are nice and is doing custom stab wood mods and doors. Email me and I’ll get you into the facebook group. He does wholesale as well.


Wow, those are super funky. Cool to see 3D printing coming up in the vape industry.

I personally use the Von Erl pods and I was shocked at how much I liked them. Norm and I got them as a gift when we visited Michael Guasch at Molecule Labs.

At first I was skeptical of them because I (mistakenly) bought some Vuse ecigs one (drunken) night and they were just awful. I wrote off pod systems since then.

Now, with the Von Erls, my wife and I vape on them quite a bit because they have great flavors and the experience is fantastic. Good pull, plentiful clouds. They are a great starter kit, but also a great “utility” vape for people that want a portable and flavorful vape pen.

Don’t discount these in your shop. I haven’t tried the Juul, but I would recommend the Von Erls in a second to anyone looking for a pod system.


I will have to look at them again as well. I didn’t see a huge return on them last time I looked (though, there is not a huge return on the JUUL either).


It’s a new product that requires a little education, but I’m confident that once you try them you’ll like them.

Also I suppose it’s a detriment that it’s harder to taste test them so that may be a factor in why they are not as popular.


Why is it harder to taste-test? We have a tester mod and tester pods.


I was just thinking about putting them mouth to mouth. Do you have a rubber mouth piece or something?


Alcohol wipes. People don’t seem to mind