Is the 30ml bottle on the endangered species list?


Are these former smokers? Maybe if they had it in the perspective of “X” # of cigarette packs…

On the bright side it’s good that they are coming back more often…


Most of our customers are former smokers on lower power devices so a 15ml will last them a few days


it seems like a no-brainer to me (and you) that they would see the value in buying in bulk. I guarantee they’ve bought a carton of cigs before. Perhaps equate the 120 ml to a carton?

What if you rolled in the value of their time into that equation too?

For instance:

"Not only do you save 50 cents per ML with the larger bottle, but you’ll free up time by not having to come in here every X number of days. How much is your time worth to you?

The one thing about time is, it doesn’t replenish. But your money gets replenished every 2 weeks. "

Just brainstorming…


That’s a great idea Jesse. When profit per bottle is rolled into the equation it is in my best interest to keep selling them the small bottle as the markup is 100% on the 120 and the markup on the 15 is 400% (and I really like the manufacturer and want to support him)


Well, then you’ve got them where you want them I guess!