Inventory - What kind, how much, etc?


I am going to be opening a store at the start of 2018 and am in the process of learning all I need to know about the rules and reg’s of owning a vape shop.

Location - check
Branding - check
Funding - check
Research - in process
Open the doors - Not yet

There is a plethora of information out there on the intracacies of owning a vape shop, however I have not found any information on how you choose what brands to carry, which model of vapes to stock, quantities of each item or how to compute markups.

I will be doing some research in regional shops to see what they carry and how I can compete, but I’d like to ask you guys; how did you decide what to order when you made your first stock purchase?


This is a great place to start. Vapor Beast really helped us out on this presentation (see the facebook link below).

You’ll also want to check out our Vape Shop Marketing Accelerator that is launching next week.