How much should your customers vape per day?


I’ve heard this question before and would love the group’s opinion on this.

If a customer comes in and asks you “how much vaping is TOO much?” What is your answer?

The underlying question is (assuming they are a former smoker): how much nicotine am I ingesting compared to cigarettes?

As a shop owner, customers look to you to give them advice on this type of thing so I think it’s relevant here.

The nicotine content of cigarettes ranges from 4mg-14mg, depending on the manufacturer and the brand. E-liquid is measured in mg/ml, so a 3 mg/15ml bottle has 45mg of nicotine - that’s between 3 and 11 cigarettes per bottle.

So how much is too much? I guess it depends on why you vape and how addicted you are to cigarettes.

What are your thoughts?


My answer is simple: How much can you afford to vape ? I have seen plenty of former smokers who now vape, and while it started out being cheaper to vape, they found themselves vaping more and more, due to their enjoyment of it as well as being able to do it more often without the negatives of smoking. They then start complaining that they are spending more on vaping than they ever used too when smoking. The vaper has to control their urges just as much as they did with smoking if money is an issue. Too often, the vape shop owner is more interested in getting the person to buy more, whether this is good for the person or not. In the long term though, they may lose the customer if the perception is that it actually winds up costing more to vape than smoke. Counseling them with equipment and ejuices that are more economical may help keep them around, though this sometimes sounds ‘backwards’ to the usual business theory.