Hey, I'm a vape shop owner and I know something you don't!


Umm… any idea what the strategy is behind this shop’s hours? Is this some brain-melting marketing psychology tactic that we don’t know about?

PS if this is your vape shop, please explain


looks like it is saying they come in late and leave late everyday…lol


I’d bet it’s just a gimmick to be known or remembered. I think it’s quite humorous. Seems to have worked since we are all seeing it haha


Yup! Simply due to the fact we are talking about it, it’s working.

Although If they printed their full name on the shop we might actually be able to attribute it to a real place…

Perhaps a lesson in signage?


absolutely. no clue who they are lol


Interesting question, and I see a 10:00 a.m start as being the most common, BUT there are some shops that open much earlier if they are on the daily morning commute road.

This must be tailored to your location and demographic.


It looks a lot like VapeRite’s logo: https://www.vaperite.com/team/ …which has gone through several iterations, and it would seem this might be an earlier one.


Ha! Good spot. I think you are right.


I’m Not sure why but i know at our shop, A lot of times customers come in right at close even after we extend our hours people procrastinate a a lot. also we never turn a customer away even if i have done all my paper work ill just redo it. I think this is a funny way to get customers talking!! Just my 2 cents.