Help with FURLS submision and the FDA Registration process


Anyone done this before? I have a few questions.
I would like to set up a call with someone to discuss if you have any experience with submitting the registration on FURLS and the required docs.

Do we need UPC Codes for all variations?

We have 17 Flavors in 6 strengths in more or less 11 bottle sizes. so 1,122 effective SKUs…

I know its a lot of skus… but I need some guidance if you have any.

I appreciate you in advance. please call or txt (561) 501- 1887


Here are some resources that will help.

Free ingredient listing report guide:
This is from our sister company “FDA” we set it up so we could skirt around Facebook’s ad policies. So far it’s working. This guide is a great place to start.

E-Vapor law symposium replays:
This is the absolute best guidance on everything facing juice companies this year. Keller and Heckman put this together back in February. The free guide above is also from that symposium.

I’ll also forward this post on to Azim.


Thank you! I appreciate any help and clarification we can get.


Here is a group we started in FB with a sticky I posted for steps to get registered.


Great resource Robin! Thanks for the share.


I have registered a TON of sku’s. If you need any help, let me know. I am willing to jump on a call with you and walk you through it.


Thanks a ton Laura.


Alex De La Espriella
V8P Juice International
(561) 501 - 1V8P



Hey not sure if you saw this. Here is a free webinar replay of Azim’s awesome presentation on Health Docs, Product Registration and Ingredient Lists. This is a free replay.