Financial Aid for a Vape Shop?


I am a small business owner of a vape shop - one location. I cashed out my 401K and went in with my dad to open my shop.

Since we’ve opened in December 2015, we’ve done great; of course we’ve had our growing pains/obstacles and learning of the sales trends of the slower times (like now), navigating scheduling on holidays, etc but we’ve learned and have overcome. However, at the beginning of the year I was faced with a personal matter which happened to put my business in the position to feel the pain. I am now in need of a small loan to crawl out of this little hole dug for my shop.

While focusing on my business, my personal credit has taken a hit so it’s not great and a lot of the small business lenders out there rely on your personal credit score. With all of that said, does anyone know of an entity/group of people/person-lender who helps small businesses financially? I have a great location and my Vaping Buddies are relying on me so I DO NOT want to have to close my shop. Any help with information would be greatly appreciated!

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This is an issue that many vape shop owners face - from startup to growth. You are lucky to be able to self-fund up until this point.

I’d point you, actually, to our “How to start a vape shop” article that has some alternative funding sources to look at.

Things like a go-fund-me, and online business loan sources that are sometimes more lenient than banks.

Hope that helps a little but, and I hope others provide insight.


Thank you so much for your response!!! I very much appreciate it!

I did found some help via a line of credit through FundBox, which is exactly like Kabbage (they have been very helpful for my small business). This gives me a few more weeks to look for a longer term option, like setting up a go-fund-me page, etc.

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So would you say Fundbox is vape friendly? How was the application process? Easy? The community could benefit from hearing your story.


Oh, I gotcha Jesse!

They are absolutely Vape friendly! I found them via Rapid Advance - let me not forget those folks because they were EXTREMELY helpful! The young lady we spoke to, Jasmine was VERY interested in the business and even has family members she would like to turn on to vaping. When she was not able to help me, she spoke with a co-worker of hers (Dom) and he was the person who jumped right in to help get me together with FundBox. (Jasmine’s contact number at Rapid Advance is: 313-732-9638. Tell ‘em EveryBuddyVapes sent ya’!)

The application for FundBox is super easy because they connect right to your business checking account. It appears as if they give you a line of credit equal to about half of your monthly revenue, which is perfect for a small business. You then utilize as much as you need of that and agree to weekly payments to repay the line extended. Had they not jumped in to help me, we would be closing by the last week of this month/first week of next month. Thus, as I’m sure you understand, I am extremely grateful to have gotten the assistance I got from Rapid Advance Financing! If they cannot help you, they definitely work every angle to connect you with someone/something who will.

Let me also mention Kabbage; if you are not already utilizing them, check them out for a line of credit - it’s the same concept as Fundbox. Lastly, any vape company, whether it be a vape shop, e-juice manufacturer, wholesaler, etc. should be connected with Behalf Financing. They offer assistance in paying vendors whereby you pay them back over a period of time for a nominal fee! Because their fee is so small, I use them all of the time to streamline my orders and record keeping :slight_smile: .

I hope this has helped, and please reach out if anyone should have any additional questions!

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Another option we have referred people to in the past is a service called Fundera

They are sort of like a Lending Tree for small business owners. When you apply for a loan you are put in front of hundreds of potential lenders that fight for your business.

They have a great article on starting a vape shop.


This is wonderful, Jesse!

Thank you for the information!

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Be careful here…having to borrow money to stay in business after you have started it may mean there is something wrong with your market or marketing, and you could be digging yourself a deeper hole than you can recover from.