Filtration Questions


I think that it goes without saying that 3-4 people vaping in a confined shop will cloud it up fast. What are you doing to “clear the fog” out so that people off the street don’t feel overwhelmed/think it’s gross?

Our current shop has a nice ventilation system and some fans to move the air around, but is constantly moving air that I just paid to heat outside.

In our new shop we would like to look at filtering the heated air. Do any of you use the “smoke eaters” that you used to see in bars all of the time? Do they work?

I also found this: and it shows promise. The space we are looking at would need to be built out anyway so the additional ducting doesn’t seem like it would be a problem.

Penny for your thoughts?


I have a little side hustle in the cannabis industry that would certainly help with a cloudy shop. This work work for thousands of vape hits for sure.


I don’t think that would work. It probably works good for people who still live with mom n dad and don’t want to get caught, but it would be impractical for a shop… “Sir, if you are going to vape in the shop I must insist that you blow into this” :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s hard to change behaviors. Maybe only good at the tasting bar…



There are a few better filtration systems designed specifically for vape shops. The first one is a flush-mount system; The 2nd one is a surface mount / wall mount system; . Both units take into account the “wet” vape smoke. They include a drip tray, so the juice residue falls inside the tray, not on your carpeting or fixtures. And, they both include heavy duty cells with the fins spaced further apart. Standard HEPA filters will get wet - fast - and you’ll need to constantly change those filters. Call me if you’re interested and I’ll be more than happy to explain further… 1-800-237-9199. Remember - if you’re serious about cleaning the air, you’ll need a serious air cleaner - - not a toy. :sunglasses:


Wow. incredible product.


Does this work in your shop?