Exactly how popular are squonk mods?


There is a lot of buzz, seemingly, around squonk mods lately. I have not personally used one as it would pretty much upend my current setup and vaping habits, but still I wonder since they seem so damn convenient!

Are these devices a new and innovative way to vape that will soon replace everything?
Are they another vape fad that will leave as quickly as it arrives?

What is your experience right now with your customers?

I’d love to hear @longislandvaporium and @everybuddyvapes chime in here.


Hi, Jesse!

Great question!

Personally, I have used a squonker. I was extremely excited when the Kangertech Dripbox hit the market - it looked good in the hand and I had not heard of the ideology of squonking yet. With that, I pre-ordered a couple of them knowing one of them would be mine!

I don’t think the squonker is going to replace all other types of devices. However, I do believe they are a great addition to the current hardware available. Moreover, the technology is getting better and better with each company release of this type. So, not a replacement and not a fad. However, I will say these types of setups are not for everyone. We will find some beginners, whom have never dripped (used an RDA) before will gravitate to them, as well as those who are experienced drippers. Some experienced drippers do not like them due to the build decks being a little smaller/more restrictive/limited, as well as other slight differences.

I hope I helped continue the conversation! Please make sure to reach out if you have any additional questions!


Melanie Buchanan, CPhT, Owner
EveryBuddyVapes, LLC


Great info here. Thanks!


I don’t know about replace everything, but replace tube mods, maybe. I have seen a huge decline of selling mechanical tubes and a huge demand for squonks.

Experience with customers, we have only had a limited stock but completely sold out of everything and same with the RDAs we picked up for them.

As for the RDAs, yea its a completely different build. The users are going for more flavor then cloud and this is why I am seeing a lot more single coil RDAs getting very popular.

@everybuddyvapes there are many popular RDAs that can use a squonk pin that will work and have a big space to build. For example the kennedy, any of the goons, and the apocalypse. However, they are not really popular becuase it seems like more users are going for flavor with these devices.



I’m fully on the “squonk train” and love them, especially when I have to drive. They won’t fully replace tanks or series boxes, but they are gaining ground and are unlikely to go away any time soon.

They make sense from a business perspective too because they not only consume more juice than a tank with similar resistance/power, but many customers will only buy an item if it’s new and unique.


Does it limit the amount of juice you can sell to one customer though?

If they are using a squonk and vaping on the same juice through multiple batteries, are they limiting your ability to sell a variety of juice?

Or is it easy enough to just switch it out when you want a change that it’s not an issue?

Come to think of it, I pretty much only vape one flavor for an extended period so maybe i would buy the same amount of juice…


There is a slight problem with strong menthols that won’t leave the bottle, but a quick vodka soak and rinse usually does the trick. The nice “Cappy” bottles are actually made of the same silicone as a baby bottle nipple so they are fairly easy to clean


Sqonking is actually very old. The idea was popular nearly 6+ years ago. There was a time it was not called squanking but bottom fed dripping atomizer. You would use a cheap Polypropelene juice bottle and just put the hose in.

These come and go and resurface when there is enough new vapers the forgotten makes a comeback again. Even mech mods were popular once, and then died off and then made a HUGE comback around 2013-2015…

As far a the bottle driven devices go. Online fads are not the same as store fads unless you are a shop that has a reputation for following online fads and you can be sure to move these.

These have a strong chance of being shelf dust collectors and a customer service nightmare.