Do you need to be a serious vaper to own a vape shop?


Are you just “jumping on a bandwagon” by selling vapes and vape juices if you aren’t a “hardcore” vaper?
Do you need a “vaping helped me quit smoking” story to be a genuine shop owner?

Hell no! Yet, I came across this conversation on Reddit that argued yes. Here’s the discussion if you care to join:

As I said in the post…

Does anyone that owns a movie theater have to like every movie they show? No…
Does a convenience store owner have to like junk food? No…
Is every bar owner a raging alcoholic? Yes… (hehe. Actually no).

The point is, we are entrepreneurs and business people. We sell stuff. That’s it.


I see both sides here. IMO I believe you need to know 100% what you are doing etc if you are going to run/own a vape shop. I don’t claim to know everything but the amount of vapers we have come into our shop and say “the other shop” told me this or this etc and it is the worst advice they could be given is out of hand. So many new vapers being sold things like mechs with a trust fire or equally as bad battery with a sub ohm build at 0.15 etc by shady shops. not all are bad and I understand that but these shops clearly do not have enough experience to be running a shop. just my 2 cents. You don’t have to be a “hardcore” vaper though.


No you don’t even have to be a vaper!! What you do have to do is know and understand your product whether its vaping or any other service! Keep up with trends in the industry you choose. But it does help to be a user of what you are selling no doubt, otherwise how can you tell someone, “Yes this is one of the best devices in the industry!” That would be relying on what you are told not what you know!


I have seen customers who come in and are ‘comparison shopping’…and after getting information from my store will then drive down the street and buy the product at the place with the lower price, even when the other place doesn’t know all that much about the product.


No you don’t need to vape or smoke. But you do need to know what you are doing how it works and understand the social and business aspects of the trade. It may require being a bit technical so if that does not work for you in addition to running a business you might struggle. Half of customer retention in our business is problem solving and compassion.


agreed, And i’d go further to say that problem solving and compassion are 90% of any business.