Do you carry non vape products in your shop?


I was just cleaning out my email and noticed this email from you dated back last month. I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond to you but yes I definitely like to have a conversation as to what you’re carrying in your stores along the dry herb vape pen Etc because we are also in the same dilemma. Are you available to speak to me sometime this week? And where is your store located in what state? Thanks so much my name is Tiffany my store is Tornado Alley Vapes in Hooker Oklahoma
I’m much more likely to get your message via text btw.
My cell is 719 322 6169
Thanks so much
Tiffaney :grin:


thanks for sharing Tiffaney!


If you are selling CBD are you sticking to vape liquid or have you broadened product offering?

I see Koi has lotion and pet treats and CBD Drip has capsules and ecoshots, have you tried them in your shop and any success?

We have decided to start with liquids and are working on determining initial orders so any input on best sellers and what to avoid is appreciated.


Thanks for your question. I’m curious too. I’ve posted this in our Facebook group to get more eyes on it. You can check the status here:


I liked working with this company:

Their eliquids were tasty and if your looking at making your own, they can supply the liquid for that too.