Do you carry non vape products in your shop?


Seeing posts regarding fidget spinners and dry herb products on this forum and mention of lottery tickets on the facebook group has me contemplating products that could be a good fit in our shops.

I tried a small display of ladies items(handbags/candles) for Mothers Day gifts with some success.

A shop in a neighboring county has CBD lotions and edibles.

If you have broadened your product offerings beyond vaping whats working for you and what is not?


I’m really interested in these answers.


Fidget spinners are OK, but the market is dropping FAST on them. I agree with trying to find alternative items to place in your shop for extra income. The hard part is finding other products that appeal to such a broad demographic as your customer base likely ranges from age 18-80. You may want to take a hard look at which type of customer frequents your shop the most and find something that would be an easy sell to them like fine beard oils for the 25-35 male crowd, hats and tshirts for the 20-30 crowd, quality disc golf gear, etc. Be careful though as not to take away from the fact that you are mostly a vape shop. You may or may not want to look into glass pipes, etc and vapable CBD products.


We started out as a Retro Game store, then we add vape. We then added dry herb products, glass, pipes, water pipes and anything in between. CBD drip was added about 8 months ago. Spinners where added when it was crazy. Incense and candles where added. We are also a U-Haul dealer. We started adding more to the store after we found that retro gaming was not going to cut it. Vape was a good add for us until the FDA regs where passed, we knew that we would have to add something else. When we added the dry herb products things changed and we knew we had what customers wanted. Don’t get me wrong, games and vape are still a big seller. But dry herb products has jumped to second best seller. We added the rest for extra income for when the bomb drops big time on the vape.
The vape business was cut in half after the 40% wholesale tax hit, that is why we started searching for more products.


Way to be adaptable.


What is your best seller in the dry herb category if you don’t mind?


Small and medium glass pipes.


As a store owner you should always be searching for new products, now days it is really hard to specialize in one product. I always say if you are sitting still you are falling behind. Trust me I have a list of failed products and I am still not where I want to be.


Will you share your experience with CBD Drip? brands/doses that are moving? I have had a couple requests so I have been working to educate myself.



thank you, I will check it out.


We just started carrying CBD in our shop after a few regulars asked for it. We met with Koi at VCC17 in Tampa last month, and they cut us a deal we couldn’t say no to for our first order. We carry 100, 250, 500 & 1,000 MG CBD. The 100 and 500 are our most popular (after only two weeks). There’s a lot of interest in the lotion and gummy candies but no purchases there yet.

It took me a long time to be comfortable selling CBD, and I’m still against the “dry herb” products. Any other items vape shops are seeing interest or success with? I’m very interested in this topic.


What’s your hesitation with dry herb?


Dry herb products are not something I believe in personally and therefore will not condone as a business owner. Besides, there’s a head shop one block away from our vape shop and I’ve build a good relationship with the owner there to where we send each other business :slight_smile:


To elaborate on newfoundvapes comment, we are all for, um, dry herb use. However we still do not sell those items in our store as of yet. The reason is because there is still a large amount of customers that want to walk into a store that isn’t a headshop and have glass items laying around everywhere. Even though there is a push towards this market, it still makes people feel uneasy and out of place. The other is the customers reputation. They don’t want to be associated with a store that has those items in it. I actually just opened a shop a few weeks ago right next door to a headshop. While they stock some vape stuff it’s a nice relationship. They send me customers looking for specific vape items (plus they are still at 300% markup) and I send them customers looking for dry herb stuff. I also feel that including dry herb devices in a vape shop starts clouding the line between something that we are trying to establish by law as an alternative and/or cessation to smoking. How is the public (non customers) going to view these shop’s reputation around town?


@n3vapor @newfoundvapes So what about dry herb vape products? (I.e not pipes). Do those have the same stigma in your opinion?

I personally don’t put dry herb vapes in the same category as “traditional” pipes, and can see why pipes and bongs and such would create an unwanted reputation.


Personally, no they do not and we are in the process of bringing a few of those items in. We figure these items serve two categories. Anti-combustion and they don’t look like glass pipes.


Holy crap great thread much bumping needed. Yocan Cerum for the win!

And yes small pipes sell, glad for others confirming. Big ones don’t move and I think pushes away vape customers. I think Monday we are getting rid of the big pipes.


Honestly, we have had the same conundrum in regards to selling dry herb pens and/or glass pieces. We are in a farming community first off, which leads to the second problem of people not wanting to associate themselves with a place that sells “other smoking devices” - even though prob most partake lol.
But bc business was slow, we did want to sell something to supplement the down time ago we have started seling stun guns, pepper spray, throwing knives and other survival gear equip…

Any throughs on selling KRATOM in the shops as well?


we carry dry herb vaporizers and IMO shouldn’t carry something that goes against the foundation of why we started our shop. to help people move away from combustion. so we started bringing in things like the ishred, yocan plus kit, globes etc. haven’t perceived any stigma and people seem more open to it versus the traditional glass pipes bongs nails etc. we are in a conservative area but there are a LOT more people than we expected out here that vape or use cannabis.


hehe. They are coming out of the weeds! (So to speak…:grinning:)