Do fidget spinners attract too many children?


I was browsing reddit today and found a thread about a local vape shop that is selling fidget spinners to kids.

Apparently the spinners are attracting a lot of kids and the local community is suspicious of the shop now.

Is it right or wrong to carry these products? or I guess any product that attracts kids?

IMO if they attract adults there’s a good chance they’ll attract at least some kids to. Should you stop selling candy bars??

Do you carry them in your shop? Why or why not?


I don’t see them as a bad thing. They are a passing fad with a 100%+ markup. There are very few complimentary products that shops can sell that are not related to “tobacco”/dry herb.


Wow, 100%! I did not know that. A great lesson in diversifying your inventory.

I have ADD for sure but I’ve never tried a fidget spinner, which is why I’m looking at these things like WTF?

Are you carrying them currently?


We sell about 20 a month (small market), but buy them for 3.50 each from midwest and sell for $10 so that’s an extra $130 a month. I’d caution against investing heavily in the generic plastic tripoint spinners though because the Walgreens near me had them and you will find them on Amazon and Wish for less than wholesale.


What about branded fidget spinners?


I don’t like them. I won’t put my name on them because I know that many of my customers will play with them for a bit and then give them to their kids. I don’t want a call from an elementary school teacher next fall wondering why I’m marketing to her second grade class.


Great point again. More ammunition for the haters.


I guess the first question that comes to my mind is…why are there kids in the vape shop ?


The parents need to bring their kids inside with them while they shop. It’s not ideal, but we sell more than we would if the parents had to leave them outside in the car


Do you allow people to vape inside the shop ?


Yes we do. I don’t have any qualms about vaping in the shop when children are present because there is a 90% chance that mom n dad are going to hit the fire button with them in the car on the way out of the lot and likely vape at home.

I vape indoors, but not around my young children (usually blowing into the vent fan above the stove), but not everyone does that.


It’s probably only a matter of time before a municipal, county, state, or federal regulation is passed that will restrict either vaping inside a shop that allows children in it, or will restrict allowing children in a vape shop. There are just as many people who do have qualms about it as there is who don’t, and they have proven to be formidable adversaries in many places.