Batteries are a big no-no when traveling through Asia


Not exactly state legislation or FDA, but I think this applies since it could affect the US soon…

I had an interesting (and scary) experience in Thailand. I was pulled aside at the Koh Samui airport because I had forgotten about my stupid little ego battery.

They actually held the plane, took the bag from the cargo hold, brought it on the tarmac and made me go through my bag to remove the battery.

It’s a tiny airport so this kind of thing wasn’t as complicated as it sounds.

But still… I was totally shocked that (first of all) they even detected it. I had put it in my bathroom bag and didn’t remember, so It took a minute to track it down.

Anyway, I made a quick video about it.

Have you seen anything like this in your travels? Any horror stories? I’d love to hear them (I like horror stories…)


Oh yes, this is a problem in Eastern Asia as well as the Middle East. Something as simple as a battery can be confiscated and cause a heep of problems.