Anyone else been super slow this past few weeks


9/7/2017 Unusually slow this past 2 weeks. Just wondering how everyone is fairing. I spoke to my neighbors they have been slow as well.

UPS, StateFarm, 7/11 and others. A slowdown in an industry that is in decline is a bad feeling. Wondering if vape would grow or shrink during a recession…


How slow have you been exactly? can you quantify it?


We had a two-week slowdown in the beginning of August but it didn’t last. Our numbers are up higher than usual.

We thought maybe it was families bringing the kids back to college.

Find the products that everyone is looking for. This may differ in your area. Even on slower days, these products help to bring us over the top.

In a recession (there is no current threat of one at the moment), things will slow down on certain products. Larger more expensive products will slow in sales. This should be the time when you become more competitive against other shops and the internet.

Most importantly, look for ways to drive new customers to your shops. There are days that I care less about the final count than I do with new customer sign up.


Welcome to the “End of Summer/ Labor Day” slump. It is pervasive in many industries as people are having their summer swan songs and last vacations. There are also distractions of schools at all levels so unless you’re in the Back to School business, you’ll probably see a slowdown.

Things usually pick up about the 10th onward and then hit it hard for holiday specials and events.



28-32 avg. A low day its typically like 20-22. I am having days with 12 transactions this week was exceptionally brutal.

This is from a 2015 high of 50-60 transactions for months.


Slow here as well. Just started picking up a little. School is starting and people are in a transition phase. Run shop specials on the cheaper items and discount the more expensive items. Juice specials like b2g1 or 25% off really save our buts. Or spend 50 get a free 30 or 60ml etc. it will pass.


9/9/2017 Just had a 37 transaction day and sales numbers were very good to match! Sunday could still be nasty! Cross my fingers that the most extreme part of the slump is over. Crossing fingers hard.

This week or next I am putting up a banner “vaping is cheaper than smoking” just keep trying to get some exposure and plant seeds in some smokers.

Anyone else had a busy after slump Saturday?


Congrats! Ask and ye shall receive! I’m giving the credit to the JuJu of this forum :wink:

I love that message BTW. Since we can’t say “Vaping helps you quit smoking”, but we can definitely say “vaping is cheaper than smoking”.