Anybody interested in lowering their costs for E-juice?


Anybody interested in lowering their costs for E-juice?

We can offer over 200 different E-juice brands at low costs! We offer a 45 day return policy. If the items you ordered do not sell within 45 days, simply send the items back and you will get a credit on your account to redeem towards other items.

Please contact Nino today!

Phone: (619) 352-0670


I signed up for your website out of curiosity. Unfortunately, it says I have a wholesale account but I’m seeing retail prices. Can you explain? Am I missing something? Thanks.



Thank you for your inquiry. In order to get the low pricing, you will need
to get setup through me. Are you interested?

Thank You,

Nino Telmo


I’d like to see your wholesale pricing. Thank you. Also, do you ship from
the US?

Melissa with New Found Vapes LLC


Yes, we are based out of Tracy, California, near Sacramento.

Which brands and items are you interested in?

Also, what quantity do plan to purchase?

Thank You,

Nino Telmo


I’m not interested in a specific brand, and I can’t tell you how much I’ll
order until I see the wholesale prices.

Thank you,

Melissa Swinson

Owner, New Found Vapes LLC


Thanks for adding value to this forum in a respectful way. Glad to see you connecting.

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