3 Videos That "Prove" Our Media Is A Propaganda Machine


OK, the word "proof"is thrown around quite a bit, so I can’t say this is proof, but these three videos came out in the same week and they are telling the same story in different ways:

Our media is nothing more than an arm of the establishment to manufacture consent amongst the public.

The good news is, it’s not just a partisan issue. The left and the right see through the BS. I hope we can agree that something needs to change no matter where you stand politically.

You think they are using this network of influence on vaping? I do…

From the Young Turks on how Big Pharma gets in bed with the news organizations:

From Jon Oliver on how virtually all local news stations are owned by the same company to push any narrative they want to 2.2 million people at any time:

The right wing Project Veritas piece on CNN about how it’s not about news, it’s about money (in this case, in regards to the Russia narrative):

Again, I may or may not agree with the perspectives of these sources overall, but it’s undeniable that the media is no longer the watch dog of the establishment, they are the attack dogs.

What do you think? How are they using this to attack vaping and why?


I have wondered why the vape community hasn’t launched a TV commercial campaign explaining the benefits of vaping while disputing the disinformation being put out there, along with a plea for people to contact their legislature ?


Interesting idea. The one thing that is keeping that from happening on a national television level is the “false claims” restriction. Since we can’t say anything about the “benefits of vaping”, we can certainly defend against the lies.

That said there is nothing stopping us from spreading this all over social media. But I do think a national TV commercial would really have an impact.

Love the idea.